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Send an application,

we will write back up to 5 days!


Confirmation of receipt of your application with payment instructions  or information about admission to the waiting list  we will send you  up to 5 days  from the date of sending the registration form.  

Wait for our contact before you pay for the course!

In order to finally confirm the registration ,  then pay the amount due within 48 hours  from the moment we receive our email. ​​


About registration for classes in pairs


You can register for the course in pairs with a partner or independently (solo).

Saving in hand speeds up the registration process.

Invite your friends and sign up together!

If you are registering in a couple , enter the name and surname of your partner in the form

and ask her / him to submit a separate application within 24 hours.

It is important that your pair registration is up to date!

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