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Artistic offer

For companies, cultural facilities, private persons

We offer a dance setting for a corporate, cultural event,

family or social in any form.  


We create a show lasting a few minutes, dance improvisations,  short workshops for guests  or a full performance combined with live music.   

All our performances follow the convention of the 1920s to 1950s  century.

There are dancers  in costumes characteristic of a given decade.

We had the honor to cooperate  With:


Summer  Jazz Festival in Piwnica  Under the Rams

Palace  Under the Rams

Cinema  Under the Rams

Piwnica Pod Baranami

Czeczotka Palace

Radio Krakow

Radio Rmf Classic

gallery  Krakowska

Bonarka City Center

Hotel  European

Grand Hotel Krakow

Bluesroads Festival

Krakowska  school  Jazz and Popular Music

District  Chamber of Pharmacists



Let's promote the Golden Era of Swing together!


We invite companies, institutions, media and private persons  interested in the subject of swing dances, traditional jazz, fashion and cinema  years 30.-40.  and all other aspects of the American Golden Age of Big Bands to collaborate with.

We cooperate with great pleasure  With:

  • music bands, photographers, singers, artists who are close to the subject of culture of the 20s-50s. Twentieth century

  • brands of cosmetics, clothing, footwear associated with the classic or vintage style  

  • brands of beverages and food products referring to the 1920s-1950s.

  • media promoting topics that are close to us

  • companies of all industries interested in investing in culture in the form of sponsorship of events organized by us  

Please contact us at:

Makselan.anna (at)


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