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Zima 2021 | 18 Styczeń - 23 marzec

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The legal organizer of the classes is the Culture Foundation of the Golden Age of Swing Swing & Sway with headquarters in Krakow (31-504) at ul. Zygmunt August 5/2 KRS: 0000496879; NIP: 6793098148; REGON: 123039099


1. The Organizer declares that  has third party liability insurance for running a business and owning property issued by Warta Extrabiznes Plus.


Registration conditions and payment

1. The Organizer declares that he is authorized to issue VAT invoices.

2 . The participant registers for classes via the form.

3. Payments for classes shall be made by the Participant by bank transfer to the Organiser's account or in cash during the first classes.

Cancellation and Refund Conditions

1. The paid amount for the course is not returnable in the event of resignation from the course,  unless it is due to health or random reasons.

2. In individual cases, when the resignation results from random events beyond the control of the Participant, the Organizer may propose a compensation on the basis of the funds paid in or a full refund of the amount paid. Compensation can be  transferring some or all of the payment made to another course or individual classes at a later date.  An individual case may be, for example, pregnancy, chronic illness, restricted mobility, going abroad.

Consent to use the image

By participating in events Organized by Swing & Sway,  The participant agrees to the publication and use of his image recorded in any form (photo, recording and other).