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They come to us once again!

According to your greatest wish, Agnieszka and Grzegorz Cherubiński will visit our Krakow again for the A Swingin 'Summer workshops and will lead for you
  Boogie Woogie classes from scratch!

* * *  


Agnieszka and Grzegorz Cherubiński are siblings from Warsaw who dance Boogie Woogie, Traditional Rock'n'Rolla, Lindy Hop and widely understood Swing dance, including styles such as Charleston or Authentic Jazz. However, they started their common dance adventure only in 2009, despite the fact that Grzegorz has been dancing since 1998, and Agnieszka has been dancing since 2004. In the colors of the club since 2009, they have performed at both Polish and foreign tournaments. Their career flourished in 2011, when they won the first Polish Championship and permanently entered the world's top pairs. From the beginning of their dance career, they graced many corporate events, performed at many cultural picnics. In 2016, after winning the title of European Champions, as the first pair in history from Central and Eastern Europe and the Vice-Champions of the World, they decided to end their tournament career. In addition to performances, they are also valued instructors of international swing dance workshops for many years, teaching at major events such as Rock That Swing in Munich, Moscow Christmas Dance Camp in Moscow, Eurodance Festival in Rust, Germany, and many others. They also had the opportunity to demonstrate their dancing and instructing skills in Japan, Canada and Taiwan, and they always cause a wide smile on the faces of the audience and event organizers. You could see them in such programs as "Mam Talent!", "You Can Dance", "Jaka to Melodia?", "How do they sing?", "Got to Dance!", In many breakfast TV programs, etc. They want to spread the swing dance culture with good energy and spread their love for it to as many people as possible. Their dance is a mixture of expression, fun, madness and music from the 30s and 50s that everyone loves! 

- 2016 Boogie Woogie European Champions
- Boogie Woogie 2016 Vice World Champions
- Polish Boogie Woogie Champions -2011-2017
- 2015 World Masters title winners for the first place in the world ranking
- 2nd vice world champions Boogie Woogie - 2011, 2013
- 2nd vice European Boogie Woogie Champions - 2014,2015
- Silver medalists of the World Dance Sport Games 2013 Boogie Woogie- Kaohsiung (Taiwan)
- winners of the XXXI World Rock'n'Rolla Competition Bill Haley in 2012
- multiple finalists and podium winners at the World Masters Boogie Woogie tournaments

let's boogie.jpg


▪️PART I - 2 hours 
Saturday, September 22 at 10.00 - 12.00

▪️PART II - 2 hours
Sunday, September 23 at 10.00 - 12.00




Grzegorz Cherubiński & Agnieszka Cherubińska


Details soon


170 PLN / person

In the package with "Lindy Hop Showtime" or "Charleston Showtime" workshops - PLN 240

The package with "Lindy Hop Showtime" and "Charleston Showtime" workshops - PLN 290

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