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Pokaz kursantów Swing & Sway

na kursy regularne





Send an application,

we will write back up to 5 days!


Confirmation of receipt of your application with payment instructions  or information about admission to the waiting list  we will send you  up to 5 days  from the date of sending the registration form.  

Wait for our contact before you pay for the course!

In order to finally confirm the registration ,  then pay the amount due within 48 hours  from the moment we receive our email. ​​


About registration for classes in pairs


You can register for the course in pairs with a partner or independently (solo).

Saving in hand speeds up the registration process.

Invite your friends and sign up together!

If you are registering in a couple , enter the name and surname of your partner in the form

and ask her / him to submit a separate application within 24 hours.

It is important that your pair registration is up to date!

Young vintage hipster pretty couple having fun outdoor in summer on the street in city wit

O zapisie na zajęcia w parach

Na kurs w parach możesz zarejestrować się z partnerem/partnerką lub niezależnie (solo).

Zapis w parze przyspiesza proces rejestracji.

Zaproś znajomych i zapiszcie się razem!

Jeżeli rejestrujesz się w parze, podaj w formularzu Imię i Nazwisko swojego partnera/partnerki

i poproś ją/go o przesłanie osobnego zgłoszenia do 24 godz.

To ważne, by Wasza rejestracja w parze była aktualna.



Jeżeli w danej grupie brakuje miejsc,

proponujemy Ci zapis na listę oczekujących.

Jeżeli jakieś zgłoszenie nie zostanie opłacone lub ktoś zrezygnuje z zajęć,

skontaktujemy się wtedy właśnie z Tobą!

Kotwica 1


na zajęcia

Make sure your email address and phone number are correct!

Wiosna 2024

I choose classes:
Na zajęcia w parze zapisuję się jako

Partner's / partner's details (if I am registering in a couple)

Wybieram wpłatę
Czy brałeś/aś już udział w naszych zajęciach?
Akceptuję warunki podane w zamieszczonym poniżej regulaminie
Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie danych osobowych według zamieszczonej poniżej polityki prywatności

Uzupełnij wszystkie wymagane pola!


Potwierdzenie i dalsze wskazówki otrzymasz od nas do 5 dni roboczych.

Na każdy wybrany kurs otrzymasz osobne potwierdzenie.


Super, że dołączasz!

Course regulations


The legal organizer of the courses is Fundacja Kultury Złotej Era Swingu Swing & Sway with headquarters in Krakow (31-504) at ul. Augusta 5/2;

KRS: 0000496879; NIP: 6793098148; REGON: 123039099


1. The Organizer declares that  has third party liability insurance for running a business and owning property issued by Warta Extrabiznes Plus.

2. The schedule of classes is informative.  The organizer will make every effort to ensure that all classes are held in accordance with the published schedule.  

3. In special cases , the Organizer reserves the right to change the places and dates of individual classes, maintaining the appropriate date of announcement of changes.


Registration conditions

1. Registration for the course is made by the participant by selecting the courses he / she chooses.

2.  If there are vacancies in the course chosen by the Participant, the Participant receives by e-mail the "Confirmation of receipt of the application" containing further instructions on registration. In the case of no vacancies or waiting for additional applications of partners for courses in a pair, the Participant receives from the Organizer "Admission to the waiting list". If at the time of receiving the "Admission to the waiting list" there are more than 3 days to the start of classes, the Participant usually receives admission to the course after a few consecutive days.

3.  The final confirmation of registration is the payment for the course within 48 hours from the moment the Organizer sends the "Confirmation of receipt of the application".  If the Participant decides to pay in installments, the payment of the first installment will be considered the final confirmation of registration. If the Participant does not send the amount due within the set deadline, his registration will be canceled.  



1. The Organizer declares that he is authorized to issue VAT invoices.

2. Payments for the course  The participant makes up to 48 hours from the moment of receiving the confirmation e-mail.

3. If the Participant chooses the form of payment in installments , the Participant shall pay the first installment within 48 hours . from the moment of receiving the confirmation e-mail, and the second one - up to 30 days from the date of the first installment. The Participant may also propose to the Organizer another, more suitable date for paying the second installment.

3. After prior consultation with the Organizer, it is possible to select an individual settlement procedure that is more suitable for the Participant or to establish a non-monetary form of settlement.


Cancellation and Refund Conditions

1. Due to the event nature of the courses and the related costs (space rental agreements, agreements with instructors, sometimes from other cities), the amount paid for the course is not refundable in the event of resignation from the course,  unless it is due to health or random reasons.

2. If payment in installments is selected, the Participant undertakes to pay all installments, regardless of any resignation, unless it is due to health or random reasons.

3. In individual cases, when the resignation results from random events beyond the control of the Participant, the Organizer may propose a compensation based on the funds paid in or a full refund of the amount paid. Compensation can be  transferring some or all of the payment made to the next course of classes  or intensive workshops. An individual case may be, for example, pregnancy, chronic illness, restricted mobility, going abroad, etc.

Consent to use the image

1. By participating in the events Organized by Swing & Sway, the Participant agrees to the publication and use of his image recorded in any form ( photo, recording and other).  

2. The participant has the right to withdraw the above consent by contacting the Organizer before recording his image or after its publication , as long as his image is not only the background of the selected photo or recording.

privacy policy

By signing up for our classes, using our newsletter or simply by contacting us , you provide us with your personal data , and we guarantee that it will remain safe, confidential and will not be shared with any third parties without your express consent.

Below you will find details of the processing of your personal data.

1. The administrator of your personal data is Fundacja Kultury Złotej Era Swingu "Swing & Sway"
Address: ul. Zygmunt August 5/2, 31-504 Krakow

Nip: 679 309 81 48, REGON: 123039099, KRS: 0000496879


E-mail address:

The representative of the Administrator is Anna Makselan-Vieux,

2. When you register for a course , we process your name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number . When you register for the newsletter, we process your name and e-mail address.

3. Your data is processed on the basis of art. 6 sec. lit. f GDPR, i.e. based on the necessity to process data for purposes resulting from the legitimate interests pursued by the Administrator. The legitimate interests pursued by our Foundation consist in offering you services in the field of the dance school offer. We process data only to the extent necessary for these purposes and for the period necessary to perform the contract or until your consent is withdrawn or until the end of our activity.

4. Providing your data is voluntary , but necessary to register for the course or subscribe to the newsletter.

5. Your data is not processed in an automated manner. Access to your data is obtained only by persons trained in the principles of data processing and protection and by persons who have signed a confidentiality obligation. We do not allow the processing of data of persons who are not authorized to do so. Authorized persons cannot grant further authorizations. We grant authorizations to process your data only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of processing.

6. In connection with the processing of your data, you have the right to :

- request access to your personal data from us

- request us to correct your personal data

- request us to delete your personal data

- requests from us to limit the processing of your personal data

- object to the processing of your personal data

- transferring your personal data

- lodging a complaint to the supervisory authority

You can exercise the above rights by contacting us at

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